Fix My Speaker | Eject Water From Phone’s Speaker Using Speaker Cleaner Tool

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How Fix My Speaker Works?

Dropped your phone in some water? Whether it was the toilet, sink, or pool that’s not good. Water in your phone’s speaker makes the call sound and music barely audible. And leaving the water in your phone can seriously cause damage to the hardware.

The good news is there’s an app that uses special tones to force water out of the speakers. All you have to do is tap on the eject water button, a speaker cleaning sound will be played that will help eject water and dust from your phone’s speaker

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Why Do You Need to Clean Your Speakers from Water and Dust?

If your phone is exposed to water or dust it’s very bad for your phone’s health either its hardware or speakers. Even a little bit of water can damage your phone’s speakers.

Water leaves minerals that muffle up the sound of speakers as they dry. The good news is fixing speakers is easy by using the Fix My Speaker tool. Just a few minutes of using this tool can clear speakers.

Is Fix My Speaker the Best Speaker Cleaner?

Yes, It is one of the best methods to clean your speakers. The Fix My Speaker for Android and iOS uses sound waves that make vibrations when you play the special sound. Vibrations shake things around. The sound of this app is made at just the right frequency. This frequency makes the best vibrations for speakers. When you play the sound, the vibrations shake and eject water or dust particles stuck inside

Eject Water and Dust from My Phone’s Speaker Easily

  • To eject water and dust from the phone’s speaker you have to visit the official website
  • Next, click on the eject button shown on the screen
  • Play the sound for two to three minutes to get better results
  • Use a towel to dry the phone’s surface. Make sure to dry all the parts carefully such as the charging port, headphones jack, etc.
  • You can use the rice method to absorb any moisture from the surface but this method is not recommended from our side.
  • If the problem persists it’s better to go to a repair shop as soon as possible. 

What are the best ways to Clear my speaker after water exposure?

The very first thing you have to do when your phone gets wet you have to turn it off to secure your mobile from any hardware damage dry it with a towel to make sure there is no moisture left on the surface and then use fix my speaker online app to eject all the water from your phone to prevent any damage to the speaker of your phones.

Another thing you can do is to put your mobile phone in a bowl full of rice overnight so the rice will soak all the water from your phone. But it’s not recommended as the rice can get into your charging port and damage the charging jack. If these things don’t work the best practice is to take it to a repair shop.

Tips for Fix My Speaker to Work Best

Take off the Phone CoverTake any case off your phone before using Fix My Speaker. The case can block some of the dust from getting out of the speakers.
Try Different Volume LevelsThe louder the volume, the stronger the vibrations. See if a low or high volume works better for your speaker.
Use It Multiple Times
If your speaker is really blocked, you may need to play the Fix My Speaker sound a few times to get it fully cleared out.

How To Get Water Out of My Phone Using this Sound

To get water and dust out of your phone immediately you need to use the Fix My Speaker tool which is a mobile speaker cleaner that uses sound vibration that helps to clear the sound of the speakers

  • Don’t charge it or turn it on. Carefully wipe excess moisture off the surface of your phone with a soft dry cloth if it’s wet.
  • Go to  the Fix My Speaker website and turn off your Bluetooth or earbuds as you need to play this sound using your inbuilt phone’s speakers
  • Press the eject button displayed on the screen
  • When finished, wipe down again gently with a dry cloth, leaving it open to air to fully dry before using it again normally.
  • Repeat the process 1-2 more times if needed until all speaker sounds come through crisp and clear.

Alternative Methods of Fix My Speakers

Following are the alternative methods to fix the speaker of your device

  • Volume setting: make sure the volume is not muted and the volume bar is on max level. 
  • Restart your device: sometimes we may have some glitches or temporary issues with the speaker and that can be resolved by simply restarting your device.
  • Software updates: just make sure the operating system of our device is up to date. When it is not, it can trouble the speakers of the device it can resolved by updating the software.
  • Test with different applications: If the issue is only occurring with one application, you may try other applications to analyze if the problem is in the specific application.
  • Clean the speaker: Dust or dirt may block the speaker grille, which can cause low sound, and reduce sound quality. Simply you have to clean the speaker grille with a soft brush and use this amazing tool to eject all the dust and dirt.
  • Check settings: in some devices, there is an accessibility setting issue that can interfere with the quality of sound, you just simply disable that option from settings.
  • Safe mode: Third-party applications may cause several issues and having an issue with the speaker of your device is one of them. You just have to delete all third-party apps from your device.
  • Factory reset: If none of the above methods works, then you can reset your device. Make sure to back up your data before resetting your device, as a factory reset will erase all data from your device.
  • Hardware inspection: however all the sets can not work and your sound issue with your device speaker can not also be resolved by factory reset then you may need to inspect the hardware of your device. You can do that by contacting the manufacturer or taking your device to a repair center.

Fix My Speaker Dust

Dealing with issues in a device’s speakers can be incredibly frustrating. We have a solution. Fixing speaker dust on your Android or IOS is really simple.

Just go to First, unplug your headphones if they’re in. Turn your volume up as high as it goes. Click on the “Remove Dust” button on the website.

Now,  let your phone be for 1 to 3 minutes. Some low-frequency sound will do their thing and kick out all that annoying dust from your speaker. It is the best speaker dust cleaning sound

Following these steps helps you get rid of water speakers and keeps your speaker working smoothly.

How to Get Water Out of the Charging Port

When you search online about how you can remove water from your charging port, then a lot of sounds are suggested that you can use to overcome this problem, which is wrong. This is a misunderstanding over the internet that you can use various sounds to remove water from your charging port. Remember, the charging port is a sensitive component of your phone which can be permanently damaged if water gets inside.

To overcome this problem firstly you have to turn off your phone and remove the protected case if you have put it on. Then grab a towel, and make sure that phone is completely dry. You can also use a hair dryer to dry it. Place the phone in a standing position, the charging port facing down. Then power on the phone and most probably it will work if it doesn’t, go to your nearest mobile repair shop and schedule a repair. And in case if you are experiencing AirPods issues you can check How To Fix Airpods Issues

Methods to Fix My Speaker

There are many ways to fix your speakers. All of them are provided in the table given below along with their efficacy.

Various ApproachesEfficacy
fixmyspeaker( Water eject)Effectively removes water from the speaker.
fixmyspeaker( Dust eject)Eliminates dust particles from the speaker.
Using sound waves for dust removalClears away dust particles, with a more general description.
Rice MethodDiscouraged for the drying process.
Method involving a vacuum cleanerEfficient method for drying the speaker.
Drying with the use of a fanMay offer assistance in specific instances.
Allowing the phone to dry naturallySlower method with the potential for incomplete effectiveness.
Using sound to address water in the charging portNot effective for the charging port.

Rice Method to Fix My Speakers

On the internet, you’ll see many posts related to the rice method which you can use to fix your speaker. Unfortunately, all of those posts are spreading false information. The rice method is ineffective. To save your phone you can use the following tips:

  • First, turn off the phone immediately.
  • Use a towel and dry the phone properly.
  • Use a hair dryer or air blower, especially at the speaker side of your phone, and make sure it is dry.
  • Moisture can be absorbed by the rice so in this case you can use rice.
  • Wait for at least 24 hours before powering on the phone.

Please note that these tips are not 100% effective, but they can lessen the chance of permanent damage.


Absolutely! The tool is built to play nice with various phones and speakers, ensuring it gets the job done without causing any trouble.

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Think of it as a little dance for your speaker. The Water Eject Sound helps kick any leftover water out, making your tunes sound way better.

Treat your phone to a silica gel bead bath! Just pop it in a container, cover it up, and let it chill for 72 hours. Your phone will thank you with better vibes.

Not exactly, but don’t worry. Visit – it’s like the universal superhero for any phone, including Androids.

More than you’d think! Water can sneak into iPhone speakers and cause trouble. But hey, there are ways to kick it out.


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