how to make spotify louder

How To Make Spotify Louder

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Spotify is one of the best music streaming applications and provides access to millions of songs in the world to its users. Spotify launched in 2008 and today having more listeners than ever.

This application allows users to enjoy over 100 million tracks, 5 million podcast titles, and 350,000 audiobooks. Spotify is the world’s most popular audio streaming platform, with over 602 million users and 236 million subscribers.

Do you wish Spotify was playing your music super loud? No problem! There are some easy tricks to turn up the volume.

how to make spotify louder

Check Spotify Setting

  • Open the application on your smartphone or device.
  • From the settings menu navigate, sometimes represented by a gear icon.
spotify sound setting
  • There is a “Playback” or “Audio” setting
  • Make sure the volume level of the Spotify application is set to a low level

Adjust Volume of the Device

  • Turn the volume up of your device by pressing the side volume button.
volume of device
  • Be careful while turning the volume up, high volume can cause distortion or damage to your ears and speakers.

Best Spotify Equalizer Setting

In Spotify, there is a feature called equalizer that allows users to adjust the frequencies of sound to customize their listening experience. The availability of this feature depends on the device you are using and Spotify subscription type. Following are the simple steps to adjust the equalizer settings on different platforms.

  • First, open the application on your iPhone or Android smartphone.
  • At the button left corner of the screen tap “Home”.
  • In the top right corner, there is a “Setting” icon ( gear icon ) tap on that.
  • Scroll down and select “Playback”.
  • Under the option of “Playback,” there is an option called “Equalizer”.
equalizer setting
  • Select the “Equalizer” to access the equalizer settings.
  • Adjust the equalizer sliders to customize the sound according to yourself.
best spotify equalizer setting
  • After adjusting, tap on the “X” or the back button to save your settings

Use External Speakers or Headphones

Using external speakers or earbuds with Spotify can enhance your sound quality and make your listening experience better.

  • Connect an external speaker or earbuds to your device.
  • External speakers or headphone switch built-in amplifiers can make loud and clear sound quality.

Audio Enhancing Applications

Spotify provides a vast library of music to its users, sometimes we want to use additional features to improve over listening experience. Spotify provides additional tools to improve sound quality.

  • Equalizer AOP.
  • Boom 3D
  • Voxengo SPAN
  • Soundflower (Mac)
  • Audio Hijack (Mac)
  • FxSound
  • Voicemeeter Banana (Window

Software Update

Sometimes old versions of Spotify have some bugs in fixing sound issues Spotify measures your device operating system so make sure that the Spotify application is up to date.

Consider Premium Subscription

Upgrading your Spotify application to Premium can improve the sound quality and make your listening experience better.

  • Higher Bitrate Streaming
  • Higher Bitrate Streaming
  • Access to Spotify HiFi ( In the Feature)
  • Ad-Free Listening

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