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One Airpod not working | How To Fix Airpods Issues Complete Guide

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Are you facing issues with your AirPods? It’s super annoying when one of your AirPods stops working properly, isn’t it? You’re just trying to listen to music or watch a video, and suddenly the sound cuts out in one ear.

AirPods are expensive little gadgets, so any issues are frustrating when they happen. Maybe the audio is too low, AirPods are connected but no sound or one AirPod won’t make any sound at all.

Don’t worry though, you probably don’t need to buy brand-new AirPods right away. There are lots of easy tricks to try and fix the problem yourself at home. From simple resets to cleaning out dust, this guide will show you step-by-step how to get your AirPods working like new again.

How To Fix Airpods

Airpods Battery level

Make sure the battery level of your Apple AirPods has enough charge. Sometimes low battery levels can cause sound issues.

Reset Airpods

 Simply reset your Apple AirPods. Follow the Following steps to reset your AirPods.

  • You have to place the Airpods buds in the charging case.
  • Keep the charging case lid open
  • Press and hold the setup button
  • After resetting, re-pair your Apple AirPods with your iPhone or smartphone device and check if the issue is resolved.

Bluetooth Connectivity

Turn off your iPhone or smartphone’s Bluetooth then turn it back on > Go to settings > Bluetooth > Tap on your AirPods to connect it to your iPhone or other smartphone.

Sound Setting

Make sure the sound of Air Pods is not muted or the level of volume is not completely down. Simply turn the increase in the volume from the control center.

AirPods update

Ensure that your Air Pods firmware is up to date. If you want to check the update of Airpods, Just connect it to your device and check the update of firmware in the device settings.

Connect it to different devices

Just to see if the issue is in your Air Pods or your iPhone/Smartphone, connect it to a different device. If the issue remains the same then, it is confirmed an issue is with the Air Pods.

How To Clean Your Airpods

How to clean airpods

To clean your Apple Air Pods and their charging case, the following are the easy steps.

  • Use a soft and dry cloth to wipe down the Air Pods and the charging contacts on the case. Dust on the Air Pods or charging pins can affect the connection of charging which can cause the Air Pods not to charge properly.
  • If your Air Pods were dropped in water mistakenly play the Fix my speaker sound, it will help to eject all the water of dirt from your Air Pods.

Contact Apple Support

If all the above methods can’t resolve the sound issue of your Air Pods. Contact Apple Support for further assistance.


There can be multiple reasons that your AirPods are quiet. The reasons are given below:
Your earwax is blocking the speakers.
Blue tooth connectivity is not stable.

If one of your airpods is not working then there can be several reasons. There might be ear wax in one of your AirPods which is blocking the speaker. The AirPods are not charged adequately. There might be a hardware problem.

Check the volume of both AirPods and the device. There can be a Bluetooth connectivity issue. Check for physical obstructions such as debris or ear wax

Connectivity issues between the device and AirPods may lead to static. Static could originate from a device with connectivity or hardware problems. Issues like a damaged speaker or internal component within the affected AirPod. You can remove debris or earwax carefully from the speaker and mesh. Place both in the case, close the lid, wait 15 seconds, then reconnect. Ensure a stable connection; disconnect and reconnect AirPods.
Check if static persists with a different audio source to identify the issue.
If static continues, hardware problems might be present. Reach out for assistance or visit an Apple Store.

It could be because other Bluetooth devices are around causing interference.
Make sure both your AirPods and the device they’re connected to have enough battery.
Keep a reasonable distance between your AirPods and the device to avoid signal loss.
Ensure your device and AirPods have the latest software updates for improved compatibility.
Try giving your AirPods a quick reset by placing them in the case, closing the lid, waiting 15 seconds, and then reconnecting.

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