how to fix my speaker for android and ios

How to Fix My Speaker for Android and IOS

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Having muffled or crackling speakers on your smartphone is seriously annoying. Whether you’ve got an Android or iPhone, audio issues can ruin your day. Maybe you dropped your device in water or dust has built up in your speakers. Either way that blockage causes some major sound-quality pain.

how to fix my speaker for android and ios

Having an issue with your device speaker can lead to several side effects that can affect your user experience.

  • Reduce audio quality
  • Communication issue
  • Notification missing
  • Inconvenience
  • Lack of Multimedia Experience
  • The issue is productivity
  • Frustration and stress
  • Potential damage to the device

How to Fix My Speaker Realme

To troubleshoot or resolve issues with your Relme smartphones following are some solutions that can help you.

Turn off the phoneBefore cleaning, make sure your Realme smartphone is turned off to prevent any potential damage.
Use the Fix My Speaker toolwhen you use this amazing tool on your Realme smartphone, the frequency in this tool helps to eject any dust or water from the speaker grill
Use ToothbrushUse any soft brush to clean the speaker grills of your Realme. Try to use a dry brush to gently brush away any dust particles or water from your phone speaker grill.
Microfiber clothUse a dry microfiber cloth to clean the speaker grill. Gently wipe the dust from the speaker.
Avoid Liquidavoid using any type of liquid on the speaker grill, it may damage the speakers of any Realme smartphone
Test the SpeakersAfter cleaning the speaker grill and following the above procedure completely, test the speakers to make sure your Realme speakers are working properly.

If all those steps can’t clear your Realme speakers then you need to contact a professional repair lab to fix this issue.

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Fix My Speaker Samsung

Having issues with your Samsung smartphone can be frustrating. Following are the same common symptoms you might have in your phone.

Low volume or no soundit is a very common issue in Samsung smartphones in which the phone speaker produces very little or has no sound, You can simply turn up the volume bar.
Muffled soundIn this case, the sound of the speaker may be distorted and affect the audio quality. Use The Fix Me Speaker then test the sound again.
Audio DelayHaving between the audio and video, which can be very noticeable while watching a movie or a video clip, restart your Samsung smartphone.
Trouble in callingWhen you are on a phone call or a video call, you might experience difficulty in hearing the call, check your network signals.
No notification soundWhen your Samsung smartphone speaker is not working, you definitely can’t hear any notification sound of calls or text messages. Turn on the notification from the settings.
Software GlitchesDue to software glitches in the Samsung operating system which can affect the performance of the speaker. You need to update your software firmware.
OverheatingSometimes there is an issue with the speakers which can cause overheating, you just need to use your Samsung smartphone at an ideal temperature.

How To Fix My Speaker for iPhone

If your iPhone is having a speaker issue, it is very annoying while using the iPhone. Here are some possible solutions

Check volume settingMake sure the volume of your iPhone is turned up or not muted. Use the physical side volume buttons of the iPhone to volume up or adjust through the control center. 
Restart your iPhoneSometimes simply restarting your iPhone can resolve your speaker problem. You can simply press the volume up button then the volume down button then press and hold the power button, or you can turn off your iPhone, then turn it back on after a few seconds.
Software updateMake sure your iPhone software is up to date. To check your iPhone’s software version simply GO to Settings > General > Software Update and install any available update of your iPhone. Sometimes having bugs in your iPhone is just because of software updates.
Audio settings
Audio settings: To check the audio settings of your iPhone Go to Settings > Sounds & Haptic and ensure that the Ringer and notification Alerts volume slider is turned up.
Dust in speakersDue to the dusty environment speaker grille of your iPhone is blocked by dirt or dust. Use a soft brush with this tool called “ the Fix My Speaker “. All the dust can be removed very easily.
Disconnect Bluetooth DevicesIf your iPhone individual speaker is not working and you also connect the Bluetooth devices to your iPhone, such as AirPods or Bluetooth speakers disconnect them to see if they are the main reason.
Reset all SettingsIf all the above methods are not working then you can try to reset all the settings on your iPhone. Without affecting your data this will reset your iPhone’s all default values.
Contact Apple SupportIf nothing is working then you can contact Apple Support or visit Apple Store for further assistance.

Your iPhone might have a hardware problem with the speakers that require professional repair to replace your iPhone speakers.

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